About Pick Your Best


What is Pick Your Best?

At Pick Your Best we want you to make better product choices, so you are happier with them for longer. We also want to save you time endlessly researching technical features – life is just too short for that! In under one minute our Product Chooser shortlists the three products that best meet your needs. Our buying guides are an easy way to understand what a product can do without having to get your head around complex technical jargon.

Pick Your Best - Simple helpful shopping


Why did you start Pick Your Best?

After feeling totally frustrated by the process of buying a regular boring household item the idea for Pick Your Best was born. I couldn’t believe in the age of digital buying an appliance was still such a painful process. Overloaded with choice and bombarded with different offers I just couldn’t make a decision – and so I set out to create a smarter way to help people choose.


When should I use Pick Your Best?

Use Pick Your Best when you want to make an informed purchase decision without having to spend hours doing the research. Our technology does all the hard work comparing complex product features for you. The range of product categoties we have covered to date is limited, but we plan to add many more.

Pick Your Best - Matching you to the right products


How does Pick Your Best make my choice?

Pick Your Best is a super advanced comparison engine. It goes way beyond price comparison to compare every feature of a product against all the others in the same category. When you answer a few simple questions, it then searches and finds all the products that meet your needs and identifies the three that best match your individual needs.


What products does Pick Your Best include?

For the categories Pick Your Best covers it holds all the product data for the quality branded products available to buy from leading UK retailers. If you are a brand or retailer that would like to be listed in Pick Your Best please get in touch.

Pick Your Best - Reputable brands from trusted retailers


Do brands pay to appear in Pick Your Best?

Pick Your Best does not get paid to make recommendations. Brands and retailers can pay to use our Product Chooser technology within their own digital environments. Pick Your Best makes only genuine product matches to meet your needs.


How does Pick Your Best make money?

Pick Your Best is totally independent and transparent - we get paid a small fee by retailers if you click to buy a product through Pick Your Best. This does not affect our product recommendations or content in any way and does not cost you anything. Our decision making technology is used by other s for their own services - you can read more about that here.

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What do you do with my information?

Pick Your Best will not share your personal contact information with any other companies. You can read more about we manage your personal data in our privacy statement.


Will Pick Your Best have more ranges?

We are adding new product categories as fast as we can. If the product you want isn’t on Pick Your Best yet, please tell me what that is - I’d love to hear from you.

More products coming soon!