Help your customers choose

Too much choice has become a big problem. A Digital Shopping Assistant matches shoppers to the right products for them, helping them buy better and faster.

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Generate 5% revenue uplift by improving the experience for unsure shoppers*

Deliver a better brand experience


Speed up matching shoppers to the right products for them


Faster decisions improve conversion and boost sales

Reduce returns

Provide more support to choose increases satisfaction and reduces returns

Make it simpler for shoppers to buy

Add your own Digital Shopping Assistant to your online shop, your instore displays or as part of your voice assistant. Your Digital Shopping Assistant will ask shoppers a few simple questions to identify their needs and find the best products currently available from your inventory.

Shoppers focus on how they use it

Personalised recommendations

Jargon free product education

Built for the future of retail

Our unique decision-making engine gives you the opportunity to add intelligent shopping tools into your customer journey. Help customers make better purchase decisions faster and see an uplift in sales and reduced returns.

A fully managed service

Add our Digital Shopping Assistant into your customer journey and start learning more about your shoppers fast. Let us manage all the questions, recommendations and product education for you.

Get started in weeks not months

There is no lengthy design and development required. Just give us access to your normal shopping data feeds and add a snippet of code to your site and we can have you up and running in no time.

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*Generate 5% revenue uplift by improving the experience for unsure shoppers
Based on our ROI calculator for unsure shoppers buying high consideration product instore or online

We offer a managed Digital Shopping Assistant service