Boost the success of your shopper journey

Online and mobile

Add a Digital Shopping Assistant to your ecommerce store or website customised to match your branding. It is ideally placed where shoppers are considering a purchase for example on a category page or a buying guide. Accessed via a help me choose button it triggers your Digital Shopping Assistant either as live chat style overlay or on a separate page.

Voice and chat

Power your conversations with shoppers when they are considering a purchase. Create your own voice or chat based Digital Shopping Assistant apps that run on popular voice and messaging services like Google Home, Alexa and Facebook Messenger. Our scalable guided shopping platform provides the product discovery intelligence needed to make it easy for shoppers to buy complicated products.


Add a Digital Shopping Assistant to your instore handheld devices and self-service digital screens. Where sales associates are unfamiliar with a category they can talk shoppers through their needs and confidently recommend products. For shoppers who prefer to help themselves or in busy periods, your onscreen Digital Assistant is the knowledgeable expert that gives understandable advice and relevant recommendations.

Guided shopping experience

Whilst the faceted filters on most retail sites can help some people – unless you are well versed in the technical details even these can be confusing. A digital shopping assistant offers a holding hand – like a real instore assistant – it understands shoppers needs by asking them easy questions about their lifestyle, how they will use the product and buying preferences – and avoids talking about product specifications or technology.

A consistent process

Our digital shopping assistants use just 3 steps to find what is best. This is always the same – no matter what category shoppers are looking for. With consistent steps to purchase shoppers become familiar with the process and the simplicity of finding products without having to understand complex features.

Complimenting product reviews

Many shoppers are used to using reviews – either from other buyers or from industry experts. These are a valuable resource for the people who want to research. By using a digital shopping assistant to create a shortlist they have a better starting point for their research. For the rest with no desire to research it provides a quick route to a recommendation that is tailored for them.

Personalised shortlists

Based on human psychology research, shoppers are always presented with a shortlist of 3 best products to choose from. Just like an instore advisor a digital shopping assistant will always recommend best alternatives if there is no perfect match.

Match justification

After presenting relevant personalised recommendations it is important that shoppers understand why they have been matched to the products in their shortlist. Shoppers are shown a summary of their responses and we go a step further when presenting the detail of a product. Using our unique Relative Attribute Data™ shoppers get an easy to understand “at a glance” view of the product’s capability without confusing them with technical specifications.

Innovative shopping experiences made easy

All our digital shopping assistants are driven by our innovative headless product discovery and attribute intelligence APIs. We can provide a ready to go interface matched to your brand, build you a custom mobile, web or voice based app or we can add some sparkle to your existing platforms.

Shopper insights

As shoppers interact with your digital shopping assistant this valuable first party GDPR compliant data provides wide and deep insight about what matters most to people at the point of purchase. In addition, as part of our network of digital shopping assistants you have access to a wider set of anonymised insights. Helping you create better products, more effective marketing, and inspiring shopping experiences.

Personalised shopping matches customers to the right product