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Retail is failing to keep pace with technology innovation

As we head off to one of the world’s largest technology innovation events, Mobile World Congress, there can be no doubt that the pace of change in technology shows no sign of slowing down. But as we move to 5G connectivity, with smart homes and cities full of interconnected devices and appliances the actual process for purchasing technology hasn’t significantly changed for a very long time. Sure, you can now buy online but we still rely on the consumer to accumulate information and educate themselves about increasingly complex technical specifications and then compare.

Just having the ability to shop online has of course caused massive disruption to retail, but the online shopping experience for the consumer is still pretty dire, especially for complex devices and appliances.

The technology brands themselves create stunningly beautiful content to inspire us which inevitably leads to a formulaic grid of products that tend to all look uniform, even though their capability and physical size varies widely. Retailers then rely on people to filter based on specification, informed by their own research.

According to Mobile Marketer 64% of people used a mobile device to place an order over the Christmas period. With more people now referring to their mobile device, both in store and online, the process of scrolling and sorting via filters that people often go through before making a purchase needs to get quicker and smarter. It needs to shortlist relevant products faster and provide enough information to give the consumer the confidence to buy, while not overloading them with jargon.

Checking mobiles for additional information and price comparison in store is here to stay, but voice assistants have the potential to really change how we shop at home. When I ask people how they use their smart speakers at the moment – the usual reply is ‘the kids use it most’ but I see a time in the very near future where more people feel comfortable enough to ask their devices for help. – bringing the highly experienced sales assistant of old into the intimacy of the home environment.

We are working hard to make Pick Your Best the assistant people turn to when they ask for help to buy complex products ‘What camera should I get form my safari trip’ or ’I need to replace my headphones’.

If you would like to talk to us about how to help people choose complex products quickly and simply via chat, mobile and voice come and say ‘Hi’ … we are at Mobile World Congress in the Hall 4YFN Montjuic Hall M8 Stand C1.4.