What you need to know to buy
tech for yourself in 2019

Tech can help you meet your 2019 goals

It’s a new year and a great time to think about what you want to plan for the next 12 months. Maybe it’s developing your creative side, getting active, planning holidays, being more organised at home or finally sorting out a new television to watch those action-packed box sets.

We’ve got you covered with our guide below to the best tech and how it can help you achieve your goals.

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Pick your best tech

Creative goals

Whether you’re an amateur photographer looking for the best entry-level camera, a keen Instagrammer looking to improve their grid, or a creative professional in need of a new laptop, the amount of choice out there for creative kit can be overwhelming.

We’ve put together handy guides to laptops, and smartphones, to help. Or use our Product Chooser now to find three suitable devices in under a minute.

Travel goals

Planning a holiday is sometimes almost as fun as the trip itself, especially if you have a touchscreen tablet to do all that research on, or a lightweight laptop that you can browse whilst watching TV.

Equally, frequent business travellers need to work smart by choosing the most innovative tech - smartphones, laptops and cameras that are seamless to use and don’t weigh them down. If you want to upgrade your travel tech this year use our Product Chooser now to find three suitable devices in under a minute.

Health goals

Every January, there’s no escaping the wellness push to get fit, reset and improve our health. If you’re struggling to get motivated to improve your fitness, lean on the latest tech to help you out – from YouTube workout videos and integrated fitness apps on the latest Internet-enabled televisions, to fitness apps on smartphones, and live studio classes on your laptop.

Tech can help us fit exercise into our busy lifestyles – give it a go and you’ll soon see how easy it is to get fit at home or on the go. Still unsure what to go for? Use our Product Chooser now to find three suitable devices in under a minute.

Home goals

Fancy flexing your cookery skills this year or getting the family a bit more organised? A tablet can be really handy for both of these things. Check out our guide to tablets here. You can use the large screen for recipes whilst you cook or organise your entire schedule to keep you on top of daily chores and shopping.

You can also use tech to control your utilities remotely from your phone. Maybe you want to reduce your bills by turning off your heating when it’s not needed or making sure the lights are off when you’re out – you can manage all these with apps on the latest smartphones. That way, you can be in total control.

Work goals

As more of us work from home or on the go, we need tech that keeps us connected and helps us concentrate, no matter where we are in the world. This means ultra lightweight laptops, noise cancelling headphones and tablets geared for work.

Upgrade and streamline your professional technology this year, use our Product Chooser now to find products suitable for you in under a minute.

Entertainment goals

If you’re a box set or home movie fan (who isn’t) then you might be considering upgrading your television and speakers this year. Some of the latest televisions offer incredible picture clarity, but with so many options to choose from, from 4K Ultra HD, 8K TVs, HDR, OLED and QLED, it can be confusing and time consuming to research.

Skip the hard work and check out our television guide instead or use our Product Chooser now to find three suitable televisions for you in under a minute.