How to choose headphones
for commuting and travel

Top three things to consider

  1. In-ear or on-ear headphones are more discreet than over-ear
  2. Wireless, Bluetooth stops you getting tangled in cables
  3. Check your music source connects via Bluetooth
Pick Your Best headphones

Escape the more mundane aspects of travel - whether you are undertaking the same daily commute or a long-haul flight, listening to audio can help the time pass and its worth paying a little more for higher quality sound.

Music, radio, audio books or a movie soundtrack, if you are going to be using the headphones a lot you will want them to be comfortable. You will probably want them to look discreet as well, so for this reason, our Product Chooser matches you to the best headphones for travel that sit inside the ear or just on the ear, and we avoid shortlisting the larger over-ear headphones. For better quality audio – push the slider up to shortlist better sounding headphones.

However, if you want the ultimate listening experience and you don’t mind wearing larger headphones in public then you might appreciate over-ear models – to shortlist the right ones choose the ‘listening at home’ scenario when using Pick Your Best.

Wireless headphones give you more flexibility to move around without getting tangled in cables, but you need to check your audio source has Bluetooth capability or they won’t be able to connect. Some headphones also come with a carrying base, making them easier to store in your bag.

Most wireless headphones have a minimum battery life of 15 hours, but if you want to stay unplugged for longer, then slide up the longer battery life in our Product Chooser. Some headphones will deliver over 24 hours of battery life before needing to be charged.