How to choose headphones
for listening at home

Top three things to consider

  1. Look for the highest audio quality
  2. Closed backs keep your listening private to you
  3. Higher priced headphones offer performance and battery life
Pick Your Best headphones

True pleasure can be found when you take time out to just sit relax and listen to your music. Precious moments like these deserve the highest quality headphones, so for this scenario our Product Chooser will match you to headphones that can deliver a quality sound at any volume.

If you want your listening experience untainted, selecting to “Blocking out the outside world” will find headphones with noise cancelling technology.

If you don’t want sound to leak out of your headphones and disturb people around you then look for headphones with a closed back. This will help keep the music private and prevent them moaning about the noise, or worse still, criticising your taste in tunes!

Wireless headphones – using a technology called Bluetooth - give you more flexibility to move around the house unplugged, so you can carry on listening uninhibited when grabbing a snack from the kitchen, you could even do some household chores, but that could kill your vibe!

Most wireless headphones have a minimum battery life of 15 hours, but if you want to stay unplugged for longer, then slide up the longer battery life in our Product Chooser. Some headphones will deliver over 24 hours of battery life before needing to be charged.