How to choose headphones
for use while exercising

Top three things to consider

  1. In-ear headphones stay in better
  2. Go for splashproof – unless you don’t sweat!
  3. Wireless, Bluetooth headphones let you move freely
Pick Your Best headphones

However, you choose to keep fit, listening to music while you do it can provide the motivation needed to help you achieve your goals. The headphones though, they need to feel like they aren’t even there. So, whether you are spinning in the gym, running around the park or just taking the dog for a walk you need a pair of comfortable in-ear headphones that stay put.

For headphones that are great for exercising our Product Chooser matches you to designs that sit inside your ear. However, if your sport is particularly energetic, and your movements fast paced, you might also want ear hooks as well, to help make sure they stay in place as you jump around. If this is you, be sure to check in the ‘Why this one’ section for the headphones we shortlist to make sure that they also have an ear hook.

In-ear headphones will do a relatively good job at blocking external noise just because they are sitting inside your ear and stopping external noise getting in, but some have additional technology that actively eliminates it.

Now, we don’t wish to be rude, but it’s likely you will get a bit sweaty while exercising, so splash-proof headphones are an excellent idea. Wireless headphones are also a good option for sporty people, as they give more flexibility for wide movement, without catching the wires by mistake and ripping the headphones from your ears, which isn’t going to help your results. If wireless is important to you our Product Chooser will identify those with Bluetooth capability. Those wires can also be a pain to store too, so it can be worth paying a little extra to go wireless, and of course, some headphones come with a carry case, which is useful for keeping them separate from your sweaty gear in your gym bag!

If you can exercise for longer than your headphone battery lasts – then we salute you! But seriously, if your activity is going to last longer than 15 hours then we suggest you select a longer battery life setting in our Product Chooser. Some headphones will deliver over 24 hours of battery life.