How to choose headphones
for when you are DJing

Top three things to consider

  1. Over-ear headphones help you focus on the audio
  2. Look for high quality sound with high power output
  3. Wired headphones will give a more reliable connection
Pick Your Best headphones

Hear every beat perfectly, when you take music this seriously you need headphones that allow you to zone in and focus on the music completely. Over-ear headphones with closed backs work best at shutting out external noise. You also need high powered headphones to allow you to play the music loud without distorting the sound. The headphones that Pick Your Best shortlists for DJs don’t come in cheap because the technology that delivers the highest-quality sound costs more.

Many DJs avoid wireless models as there can be a slight delay that makes it difficult to match beats. If a high quality wireless pair is important to you then you can try our ‘listening at home’ scenario instead. If you do decide to use a wireless pair for DJing then it is worth also checking that you controller works with Bluetooth.