How to choose headphones
to make an impact

Top three things to consider

  1. Bright colours and bold designs get you noticed
  2. Stop unwanted external sounds with noise cancelling
  3. Go wireless but check your audio source has Bluetooth
Pick Your Best headphones

For some people headphones are just headphones and as long as they sound good they aren’t too bothered about what they look like. However for others, like you maybe, headphones create an opportunity to show off in style. If you want your headphones to make a statement then this is the scenario for you. In our Product Chooser - we match you to more distinctive headphones that offer more than the regular black or white models.

Of course, that doesn’t mean other aspects aren’t important to you too. If you care about the sound quality push up the slider for that too. You can also select to block out the noises of the outside world to focus entirely on the sounds you are playing.

Wireless headphones give you more flexibility to move around without getting tangled in cables, but you need to check your audio source has Bluetooth capability or they won’t be able to connect.

Most headphones have a minimum battery life of 15 hours, but if you want to stay unplugged for longer, then slide up the longer battery life in our Product Chooser. Some headphones will deliver over 24 hours of battery life before needing to be charged.