How to choose a laptop
for gaming

Top three things to consider

  1. Paying extra for the smoothest gameplay
  2. A fast-hard drive makes everything more responsive
  3. A large screen for a more immersive experience
Pick Your Best laptop

If you are serious about PC gaming then you will need a powerful bit of kit. Pick Your Best rates gaming laptops as having either high or very high performance and a setup that has been specifically designed for gaming.

Our Product Chooser for Gaming will suggest laptops with screens that are 15” or larger to give you a more immersive experience.

Gaming laptops have the faster processors and graphics cards to deliver smoother gameplay, but this also means laptops designed for gaming come in the higher price brackets. To improve performance even more look for storage that uses solid state drives (SSD) as they are faster than regular hard drives adding an extra edge to the overall responsiveness.

All new gaming PCs should handle the games pretty well, but the high-end devices will also allow you to smoothly broadcast your gameplay twinned with your webcam footage to services like Twitch.

All this high-performance capability has a bit of a negative impact on battery life though. Not many gaming laptops deliver what Pick Your Best considers a good battery life, so in reality you will need to stay plugged in to play for any significant length of time. The big advantage of a gaming laptop though is being able to move about. Whilst most gaming laptops tend to be a bit heavier it is still much easier to take them round to your friend’s house than to lug a desktop rig and monitor!

Laptops designed specifically for gaming also look sharp too – with extra features such as cool illuminated keyboards and attractive casing. As gaming devices are at the higher end of laptop capability you will find your gaming laptop will work well for most other computer uses too, should you find time in between!