How to choose a laptop
for shopping and social

Top three things to consider

  1. Social and shopping work well on basic devices
  2. Smaller and lighter devices are more comfortable to use
  3. New devices often have security built in
Pick Your Best laptop

If you just want a laptop to web-browse, shop, pay the bills, email and use social media then you will appreciate one that’s light and easy to carry around the house. The good news is that you really don’t need to spend a fortune because you can make do with a less powerful device for these types of activities.

Pick Your Best shortlists small screen laptops - with a 13” screen or smaller - particularly useful if you are likely to be using it on your lap on the sofa or in bed. If you want to stay unplugged for longer, when you use our Product Chooser to find yourself a suitable laptop, be sure to highlight that battery life is important to you.

At lower price points you can still get some attractive looking devices that come in a range of different colours, so whilst your computing needs may be simpler there is no need to cramp your style.

Where you would spend more is if you do lots of things at once, because switching between lots of different applications demands either a more powerful device, or more patience while you wait! If you think this might be you, try selecting the ‘In the office’ scenario in our Product Chooser instead.

For many lower performance laptops, it is assumed that you will using cloud storage - which means you are putting your photos, documents and videos in a storage space on the internet instead of storing it on the device itself. Should you want to store some photos on your laptop, then slide up the ‘performance’ and ‘storage’ in stage two of the Product Chooser and check your product matches have medium storage space.