How to choose a laptop
for the kids

Top three things to consider

  1. Low to mid devices are great for school work
  2. Newer devices are lighter – check the weight
  3. Serious gamers need more powerful devices
Pick Your Best laptop

Kids are asking for smartphones younger and younger these days – hardly surprising when all the adults seem glued to them! But the fact remains that smartphones aren’t much good for homework, so most families still need to invest in some sort of computer at home.

A low to mid performance laptop is great for younger children to search the web, connect to educational websites and put those homework projects together. It will also be pretty good for watching those seemingly endless, funny(?) YouTube clips and playing basic online games. If your child is in their teens and heading towards exams – you may be better using the ‘Studying’ scenario in our Product Chooser.

For kids our Product Chooser will match the lighter laptops with smaller screens to find laptops that are easier for smaller hands (and lighter on your purse!). If the laptop will be used on long car journeys – you might want to check the battery life of your matched product using our ‘Why this one’ details. If a longer battery life is important make sure you adjust up the sliders for a better match.

Take note of the operating system the device uses before buying. If your child needs Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel and PowerPoint for homework you will probably want to stick to Microsoft Windows 10. However, if you are Apple devotees then you can choose Mac OS - this only comes on Apple laptops, so you pay a premium for this. A Google Chrome laptop works just as well for going online but they are designed to be connected to the internet all the time – so that is something to keep in mind if you plan to use it on the move.