How to choose a laptop
for use in the office

Top three things to consider

  1. Paying more for a quality screen
  2. A mid-range processors will manage most workloads
  3. Lots of storage, preferably using the latest SSD
Pick Your Best laptop

If you want to work efficiently you need a decent computer and it’s as simple as that - you can tell your boss we said that too! For this reason, when buying for work, our Product Chooser only matches you with laptops that we deem to be medium, high or very high performance. The days when you had to boil the kettle to make valuable use of the time while your computer switches on are long gone (so, sorry you can’t use that excuse anymore).

Equally, we have assumed you will be busy at work and doing multiple things at once – like checking your email, while researching on the web or updating a database, while putting a presentation together, while synchronising your files to your cloud storage. And, if you don’t want annoying pauses while you switch from one thing to another then you need to pay more for a high performing device – when using Pick Your Best to find your best matches push up that slider in step 2 for higher performance.

If your job is fully creative though – photography, interior design, graphic design that sort of thing – select the ‘Creativity and coding’ scenario in our Product Chooser instead, as you need a very high-performance laptop.

While you may be storing documents in cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive, we have assumed you will want to store or sync some content to your own laptop. Pick Your Best therefore shortlists work laptops with medium to high storage capability. Also its worth checking if the storage in your matched laptop uses a solid state drive (SSD), which is a storage technology that is super-fast, boosting performance and making everything feel smoother.

We expect you will also want a good view of what you are working on – so we have eliminated the small screen laptops for this scenario, matching you to devices that are 14” or bigger.

Using Pick Your Best to help you narrow your choices for a work laptop, we include laptops of all weights and battery life in our matches. If you are likely to be working in and out of the office, on the train, or just at different desks and in meetings a lot you might want to look at ‘working on the move’ scenario instead to be sure of being matched to a lighter laptop with a longer battery life that you won’t mind carrying to the coffee shop.