How to choose a laptop
to keep in touch with people

Top three things to consider

  1. A mid range device will meet your needs
  2. Quality webcams send better pictures
  3. Faster wifi connectors give a smoother picture
Pick Your Best laptop

A laptop has become an awesome communication device. With so many online messaging and calling services you can stay in contact with people no matter where they are or what device they use. So, whether you are on Skype to someone in Australia, or just getting the attention of someone in a different part of the house, here’s how we match you to the best laptops for communication.

A high-quality web cam is a must if you want to look your best on camera – it won’t style your hair but it will make the most of the available light to send a better picture of you. Most laptops today have front facing cameras, and if you use our Product Chooser for this scenario we look for laptops with high quality high definition (HD) cameras.

Not all WiFi connections are the same either – so we also match to laptops that can handle faster WiFi speeds – giving you the best chance of a clear, smooth video picture. However, you may also need to check that you have a fast broadband service and your router (the box that connects to your broadband provider) can cope with a faster signal.

The good news is you don’t need a high-performance laptop if you are mostly using it for video chatting, email and messaging. Most apps you use on your smartphone are available on all laptops – one to note is Apple Facetime though. For this you will need an Apple laptop with Mac OS operating system and that’s a more premium product.

If you want to chat for hours power cable free, be sure to check the battery life under ‘Why this one’ for your matched laptop. This gives a good guide - but battery life is difficult to judge accurately, how long it lasts really does depend on how you are using the laptop. If you do lots of things at once it can drain much quicker – but some are more efficient than others.