How to choose a smartphone
for making calls

Top three things to consider

  1. Resist being swayed by expensive performance you won’t use
  2. Small to medium sized screens fit better in pockets
  3. Go for low storage unless you will start taking photos
Pick Your Best smartphone

If talking is still your preferred method of communication and all you really want a phone for - then you don’t need all the expensive bells and whistles to take photos or run lots of apps. We can help you find a simple smartphone with our Product Chooser. It matches you with small to medium sized phones – you won’t need a big screen if you aren’t looking at a lot of information and you can get away with a cheaper low performance device. Whilst you don’t need lots of storage space it may be worth considering a bit more as you may find that with a camera always in your pocket or bag you may start to use it more.

There are two other big decisions to make when selecting a smartphone and they both come down to personal preference really.

Firstly the operating system – Android or iOS? Some people get a little bit obsessed about being either Apple or Android, but the reality is that they are all pretty good these days. If you are used to one system already we suggest you stick to it. That way you don’t have to spend time re-learning new settings and you can transfer any apps you have already paid for to your new phone. If you don’t have a preference toss a coin! Seriously, you can’t really make a bad decision here.

Secondly, how are you going to pay for the phone? If you can afford to buy one up front you can have a simpler SIM only contract. If you want to spread the payments, get a monthly contract. Make sure the contract is weighted towards calls and not data. You need the lowest data contract, but perhaps the highest call time and messaging.