How to choose a smartphone
for taking great photos

Top three things to consider

  1. Look for a dual lens or advanced photo software built in
  2. More storage lets you store photos on the phone itself
  3. A generous data package for uploading to photo apps
Pick Your Best smartphone

The great thing about a smartphone is that when the great photo opportunity arises its right there in your hand ready to capture the shot. Today’s smartphones have amazing cameras for such small devices and some are so good they compete on quality with dedicated cameras. But not all smartphones take pictures to the same quality, so if you are serious about pictures you need to make sure Pick Your Best rates your new one to be of high or very high quality.

Whilst the cameras in most smartphones are small and on their own wouldn’t give great results the manufacturers are doing some very clever things to bring the quality up. They are using really advanced software to process your pictures so they look much better and in some cases the smartphones have 2 separate cameras which also gives impressive results.

When you use our Product Chooser to help you choose a smartphone that’s great for photos it will identify only smartphones that take and edit higher quality images.

If you are a bit snap happy then you will appreciate a little extra storage space – it will cost a bit more, but without it you might get annoyed having to decide which images to delete when it’s full up. If you are comfortable using cloud storage you can save your photos there – and we’d advise that you get used to this type of service as it’s a great way to make sure all your pictures are backed up safely.

While the best smartphones can take amazing pictures, that can compete well with low-end dedicated cameras, if you are very serious about pictures you might want to choose a premium camera instead!

If you decide a smartphone is for you there are two other big decisions to make and they both come down to personal preference really.

Firstly the operating system – Android or iOS? People seem to get very passionate about one or the other, so to keep this advice short - if you are used to one system stick to it. That way you don’t have to spend time re-learning new settings. If you don’t have a preference toss a coin! Seriously, you can’t really make a bad decision here. In terms of taking photos all the top end phones from all the top manufacturers (Apple, Google, Samsung and Huawei) have some pretty amazing photo capability and they all connect to social photo services like Instagram, Snapchat, Flickr, Facebook etc.

Secondly, how are you going to pay for the phone? If you can afford to buy one up front you can have a simpler SIM only contract. If you want to spread the payments, get a monthly contract. But remember if you are uploading a lot of photos to the internet it uses up your data allowance – so you might need to pay a bit extra for your snapping habit or be permanently in search of free WiFI.