How to choose a smartphone
for the kids

Top three things to consider

  1. Mid performance phones work well
  2. Make sure exceeding data limits won’t cost you money
  3. Uses the same OS that you have for ease of control
Pick Your Best smartphone

Are you being endlessly nagged for a phone? Everyone else has had one since they were in year one you know! Let’s face it, kids today are the app generation and as such they will quickly get fed up with a slow performing smartphone. If you use our Product Chooser to find a good match for your child we won’t suggest all the top end phones that will blow not only their pocket money but the family holiday budget as well! Instead, we match you to mid-tier smartphones with small to medium sized screens that are easy to carry and less likely to fall out of smaller hands!

Budding photographers, even if that’s just selfies in front of the mirror, will appreciate slightly more storage space. Same goes if they are likely to be downloading a lot or apps, music or movies to watch offline.

Mid-tier phones will work well for most games but if they want to play lots of fast action, highly graphical games we suggest you use select ‘Fast Action Games’ in our Product Chooser – but bear in mind that might push the price tag up.

You also need to decide what operating system to get. Let’s face it some adults get a little bit obsessed about being either Apple or Android and the kids are no different. We’d recommend you get your kids whatever you have, just so you know how to edit the settings and can get to grips with the parental controls easier. You might also want a family account to manage any online payments. The reality is that all the operating systems are pretty good these days so it’s difficult to make a bad decision.

A final point is how are you going to pay for the phone? If you can afford to buy one up front you can have a simpler SIM only contract. If you want to spread the payments, get a monthly contract. If you can afford it and want them to access all their games, apps and streaming services wherever you are – check that you get a data contract that can cope otherwise you might have to listen to a lot of whining when they can’t find a source of free WiFi. Also worth checking that there are clear limits on data usage and that you get notified if they reach them to avoid large unwanted bills!