How to choose a tablet
for fast action games

Top three things to consider

  1. Fast paced games need high performance
  2. Lots of storage for all your gaming apps
  3. Medium size is comfortable and easy to carry
Pick Your Best tablet

Take your gaming everywhere and feel like you are winning, even on a bad day. Unless you are a super serious gamer, a premium, high performance tablet will make a good device for some great fast action games. With a larger screen than a smartphone you can get a great gaming experience and have all the flexibility that comes with a tablet that’s easy to carry around. Of course, you can also use it for other forms of entertainment as well – so perfect for travelling and holiday use, and much more portable than your console. Although you can’t expect the full on immersive graphical experience that you would get from a gaming laptop, PC or a console.

Unlike some laptops and PCs that are specifically designed for Gamers tablets lack the exterior styling associated with gaming – but that could be an advantage for some people who prefer to keep their gaming activity more under wraps, or who want a more rounded computing device.

In order to get a smooth, responsive feel to your gameplay you will need a more powerful tablet with fast processor and high quality graphics capability.

You will probably feel most comfortable with a mid-sized screen between 8 and 10” and its likely you will want a decent bit of storage space for the game apps. Our Product Chooser uses this to shortlist the best tablets that will suit gamers that.

Powerful devices with power hungry gaming software will drain the battery faster – so if playing unplugged is important to you, be sure to slide up the battery life slider in our Product Chooser.