How to choose a tablet
for movies and TV

Top three things to consider

  1. Larger screens are more enjoyable to watch
  2. Paying extra for quality gives a better picture
  3. To download movies you need more storage
Pick Your Best tablet

Not everyone has the space for a super-sized TV screen, so if you want a more flexible way to watch movies and catch up on TV then a new tablet might be a good option for you. With a good internet connection, you can use all the same movie and TV streaming services like Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime to name just a few, but unlike a TV, you don’t have to be in the same place to watch them.

At Pick Your Best we shortlist tablets with larger screens of 10” or more and with medium to high storage space so that you can download some films to watch offline. We also focus on tablets with incredible screen quality that produce stunningly beautifully pictures with rich colours and sharp contrasts.

Most tablets are quite light but if you travel a lot you might want to push up the ‘slim and light’ slider in our Product Chooser. However, it’s worth remembering that the cameras on tablets tend not to be as good as smartphones – so if you don’t have a smartphone or a dedicated camera whilst on your travels you could consider selecting ‘Taking great photos’ scenario in our Product Chooser to get tablets with the better cameras that will still let you watch all your favorite shows whilst on your travels.