How to choose a tablet
for shopping and social

Top three things to consider

  1. Social and shopping work well on basic devices
  2. Smaller and lighter devices are more comfortable to use
  3. You won’t need a lot of storage space
Pick Your Best tablet

If you like buying new shoes while loafing on the sofa, checking old school friends filling up Facebook with their travels or setting up a new Pinterest board with crafting ideas, you might just appreciate a new tablet. The good news is that feeding these online habits doesn’t demand a top of the range device. In fact, buying a tablet rather than a smartphone might just leave enough pennies in the bank to pay for your own adventure.

At Pick Your Best we think the ideal tablet for social and shopping is small enough to hold comfortably when relaxing on the sofa – so our Product Chooser will match tablets with small to medium sized screens of no more than 10”. It is photos, video, documents and movies that take up storage space, so if you are just browsing the web and watching online videos you won’t need a lot of storage space on the device itself.

However, if you plan to spend hours staring at the screen you will appreciate paying more for a slightly higher quality screen – slide up the ‘picture quality’ slider in our Product Chooser for that.