How to choose a tablet
for taking great photos

Top three things to consider

  1. Higher value tablets tend to have better cameras
  2. Look for larger storage to store photos
  3. Upgrading your smartphone or buying a camera instead
Pick Your Best tablet

Ok, much as we admire your desire to own a tablet – let’s just stop and think about that for a moment before you jump in and buy one for photography - we are not saying that’s wrong exactly – but we want to make sure you understand the alternatives first! I know it might sound crazy – but if you only want to take pictures – wouldn’t a dedicated camera be better choice?

If you are considering a tablet we are assuming that’s because you want to use it to view your photographs as well as capture them. In which case that could work, but as a rule of thumb, the cameras that manufacturers put into tablets are not as good as those used in smartphones.

So, if you are considering a tablet for photography – it might be worth taking a moment to look at the broader options, such as upgrading your smartphone. High end smartphones today are capable of taking photos that are as good (or close to) many low-end or mid-range dedicated cameras. However, the same cannot be said for tablets. Another option would be to buy a more modest tablet and chose a decent dedicated camera – the pictures will be so much better and with WiFi connections it’s not too complicated to send the photos to your tablet. As well as tablets you can use our Product Chooser to match the best cameras or smartphone for you.

There are of course some advantages to a tablet – the larger screen provides a much clearer view of the image you will be capturing and the device itself is better for passing around to share the pictures you have taken with others. If you want the flexibility of just having one device then you could either accept the camera shortcomings or if your budget will stretch then consider a premium tablet as the higher value tablets tend to have the better cameras as well.

For this scenario, Pick Your Best will only shortlist tablets with a camera that we consider to be of medium or high-quality, and tablets with medium or large storage so you can save plenty of photos and videos.