How to choose a tablet
for the kids

Top three things to consider

  1. Buy an actual tablet and not a toy
  2. Smaller screens are easier for small hands to manage
  3. The latest models have better parental controls
Pick Your Best tablet

It’s a fact that today’s children already live in a highly connected world so teaching them how to manage their connected life early is important. A tablet is a good device for them to start with and for many it’s the precursor to the inevitable smartphone!

When we say kids, we focus on pre-teens and so we think it’s less likely they will need the most powerful devices - unless they are highly creative. It’s far more likely to be a daily diet of YouTube and children’s TV followed by some low-level web gaming on the menu. You will of course want them to log into the educational sites that their school recommends for improving their maths and literacy skills.

At Pick Your Best we shortlist real tablets for kids and not the toy versions. We’ve nothing against the electronic toys, but It’s likely your child will grow out of them fast as they are limited in what they offer (and may end up using older siblings’ devices or yours!). We shortlist small to medium size screens under 10” as they are less likely for small hands to drop them – though we can’t guarantee that won’t still happen so worth looking into buying a sturdy protective case and cover!

We also recommend newer tablet models, you can get very reasonable older models that will work well but the latest models often have better operating systems and increasingly come with more advanced parental controls built in. When deciding on an operating system it’s probably best to stick with the same one you have on your own computer or smartphone – just so you know your way around the settings.

If your child is quite a serious about gaming then you can push up the performance slider in our Product Chooser. It will also push up the price, but they are less likely to moan that the games are running slowly.