How to choose a tablet
for when you are on the move

Top three things to consider

  1. Smaller, lighter devices are easier to carry around
  2. Storage to access files, movies, and apps offline
  3. Less powerful devices have longer battery life
Pick Your Best tablet

A tablet is a useful device when you are on the move – whether it’s with you on an exciting adventure, a boring commute or you just have a hectic lifestyle! A tablet provides a source of entertainment, a way to communicate and a flexible way to work. In our Product Chooser we match you to the small and medium sized tablets that weigh less – as they are easier to tuck into a bag and carry around.

We don’t think you should skimp on storage space. Being on the move its likely you will want to be able to take both your apps and some content with you – whether that’s documents for use offline, or movies to watch later. We suggest you look for a tablet with at least 16GB of storage space.

If you think you will be away from a power source for a while make sure you slide up the battery life slider in our Product Chooser to help match the right tablet. Battery life is only ever a guide though - how long the power lasts really does depend on what you use your tablet for. Smaller devices have less space and therefore often have a smaller battery – if it also has powerful technology inside and you regularly use demanding apps or games then the more often you will need to plug in.

The other main decision is the operating system that comes down mostly to personal preference and what you have used before. If you already have a smartphone or computer it makes sense to stick to the same operating system so that they are compatible and you don’t have to learn so much.