How to choose a TV
for a busy kitchen

Top three things to consider

  1. A smaller TV won’t dominate the room
  2. Wall mounting saves kitchen workspace
  3. A smart TV has streaming services built in
Pick Your Best television

It’s possible you want a TV in the kitchen so you don’t lose the plot of the film when you nip to get the popcorn, but it’s more likely a kitchen TV is there to provide entertainment while you are doing something else more mundane, or when someone else is hogging the main TV in the house. You might just want to catch up with the news while you brew the first coffee of the day - sorry, if you are one of those super healthy types… just replace the caffeine with something mashed and green! Anyway – whatever your beverage or entertainment choices, Pick Your Best shortlists smaller TVs for the kitchen.

If you are likely to be chucking flour around in a Mary Berry style attempt to produce something delicious without a soggy bottom, then you might want to consider a wall mounted TV. I’m sorry that the TV itself can only provide cooking inspiration and it can’t affect the outcome of your baking, but putting it on the wall will stop it taking up valuable workspace on the counter. When you use Pick Your Best to get your best matches for a TV in your kitchen – it could be fun to see if it’s voice activated in the ‘Why this one’ section – it could come in useful when you are up to your elbows in sour dough and want to turn off Piers Morgan.

Most TVs today are smart, meaning they can connect to the internet to access streaming services like Netflix or BBC iPlayer. It is now rare for a new TV not to connect, but if this is important to you check in Pick Your Best by clicking the ‘Why this one’ button before you buy. Another thing to check - if you want to record those MasterChef shows while you have a go yourself, your TV may say it can record, but many actually need you to plug in a storage device to enable this.