How to choose a TV
for a small and cosy room

Top three things to consider

  1. A medium sized screen will feel comfortable
  2. A higher quality screen looks sharper sat close
  3. Wall mounting saves space so avoid curved TVs
Pick Your Best television

New TVs are getting larger by the minute, but if your living space is more cosy than colossal then it is probably best to steer clear of those gigantic screens. A TV that is too large for the space can feel uncomfortable to watch, which is not what you want when you have plans to binge watch an entire box set curled up on the sofa.

When you select ‘Cosy small room’ in our Product Chooser we will help you find a medium sized screen (around 40 - 43”) that will work well in your space. This is one of the few situations where Pick Your Best might shortlist a curved TV for you. While they were hot news a few years ago, many people have realized that they only truly enhance the viewing experience when you are sat directly in front of them. In a smaller space that works well, but with a larger space you can’t assume you won’t end up sat at an angle to the screen, giving a less satisfactory viewing experience. If you are planning to put your TV on the wall to save space, they just don’t look that great when mounted up high, unless you live in a windmill.

Getting a TV with advanced screen technology is a really good choice for a smaller space as it stops the image appearing grainy, giving a better viewing experience especially when you are sat nearer to the screen. Pick Your Best will do the hard work of finding these TVs and will shortlist 3 that are right for you.

Picture quality has improved over the past few years and most new TVs today have a pretty good picture, despite screens getting thinner. Unfortunately, though the same can’t be said for the sound quality. Making the screens slimmer has simply left less space for speakers, so now the sound on a new TV might not even be as good as your old one. If audio quality is important to you – you might want to consider a set of extra speakers to go with your new TV.

Most new TVs today are ‘smart’– meaning they connect directly to the internet and have apps that let you use some streaming services without an extra device like a games console, or satellite/cable box. If you plan to use in-built smart features – when you use Pick Your Best to get your best matches be sure to click the ‘Why this one’ button and check the TV has a ‘smart’ capability.