How to choose a TV
for a total cinema experience

Top three things to consider

  1. Giant screens give a more immerse experience
  2. Paying extra for a quality screen gives a richer picture
  3. Your movie streaming services need to be high quality too
Pick Your Best television

Screen technology has advanced in recent years, bringing the full cinema experience to your home with super-sized, high quality TVs. So, if you love the way films are shot and you appreciate the finer details of film making then you can’t fail to love the newer TV technologies.

Pick Your Best shortlists the latest and largest TVs – 65” to 86” and beyond - only to those who want the ultimate TV experience because the latest technologies don’t come cheap, but they do deliver a new level of wow factor. If you choose a cinema experience in our Product Chooser we will matchthe very largest screens that we have rated to have high or very high picture quality.

We have also looked at audio quality, however, while advances in screen technology have been brilliant for the image, sound quality has not advanced that much. There simply isn’t as much space to add the speakers in ever thinner displays. If you are investing in an expensive TV we recommend you spend a little bit more on a great surround sound system to go with your new TV.

Most of the top end TVs today are smart so you will be ready to go with built-in streaming services like Netflix or the BBC iPlayer. If you are looking for the highest quality TV and movies you may need to connect an external device such as 4K Blu-ray player or the latest tech from your satellite or cable provider. To get the best movie experience over the internet you also need a very good broadband connection, otherwise it won’t matter how great the screen as you will be left with an inferior picture quality. For most people connecting from your TV/external source to your broadband hub using WiFi will probably by OK – but with everyone in the house using ever more devices it’s worth considering running a cable instead to ensure you get the best quality.