How to choose a TV
for open plan living

Top three things to consider

  1. Go for a big TV to make an impact
  2. Higher quality screens look better from a distance
  3. Avoid a curved TV – doesn’t look good from an angle
Pick Your Best television

If your living space is particularly large or if you have adopted funky open plan living you simply can’t let a meagre TV ruin the effect! For larger spaces Pick Your Best shortlists larger TV screens with good wide-angle viewing – and don’t even think about a curved screen, they don’t look good mounted on the wall and the viewing experience isn’t so great when you end up sat slightly to the side of the screen.

There are around 3 or 4 different types of TV screens and some are better when viewed from an angle. Selecting ‘Open Plan Living’ when you use Pick Your Best will match you TVs that work well from wide angles.

Most TVs today are smart, meaning they can connect to the internet to access streaming services like Netflix or BBC iPlayer. It is now rare for a new TV not to connect, but if this is important to you when you use Pick Your Best to get your best matches be sure to click the ‘Why this one’ button and check the TV has a ‘smart’ capability.

While the picture quality of all TVs has continued to improve, even when the screens themselves are getting thinner, the same cannot be said for sound quality. As TVs have become slimmer they simply have less space for speakers, which means the sound on a new slim TV might not even be as good as your old fat one. If audio quality is important to you – you might want to consider a set of extra speakers to go with your new TV so the sound will really fill your larger living space.