How to choose a TV
for viewing in a group

Top three things to consider

  1. A bigger screen gives everyone a good view
  2. Some will view at an angle so avoid curved TVs
  3. New technologies give a sharper, brighter picture
Pick Your Best television

Even today, when too many of us have our heads almost permanently buried in our smartphones, there are still those precious times when we can all gather together around a shiny new TV – maybe not the family of course, we can’t expect miracles, but you might get some family members, friends or your housemates to agree to watch a movie, Danish drama, or perhaps a good old British police murder mystery. Whatever it is that brings you together everyone will want an equally good viewing experience so Pick Your Best shortlists a decent sized screen – a 49” or 50” TV screen is great for regular family viewing.

We advise you to stay away from curved screens because it’s inevitable someone will end up looking at the screen from the side – and that person just won’t get the same high-quality experience as those sat directly in front. And if your whole family has come together we don’t want them to fight over who gets the best viewing position.

Most people will appreciate a higher quality image on screen, so Pick Your Best shortlists TVs with advanced screens for group viewing. Some new TVs have more pixels (the tiny dots that make up the screen) packed into every inch of the screen to give a smoother, cleaner, less grainy image, especially if some are sat closer to the screen.

Most TVs today are smart, meaning they can connect to the internet to access streaming services like Netflix or BBC iPlayer. It is now rare for a new TV not to connect, but if this is important to you when you use Pick Your Best to get your best matches be sure to click the ‘Why this one’ button and check the TV has a ‘smart’ capability.