How to choose a TV
for watching documentaries and drama

Top three things to consider

  1. A nice large TV shows wildlife in more detail
  2. Paying extra for a quality screen gives a richer picture
  3. Invest in a sound system. Slim TVs have weak speakers
Pick Your Best television

Are you passionate about those wildlife and adventure documentaries?

Do you value the attention to detail that has gone into every shot – the quality of the imagery that draws you in so you can imagine wading through glorious green jungles, swimming with whales in a vast blue ocean or do you want to feel the full effect of the passion in TV drama?

If you love this level of glorious detail in photography or you just watch a lot of powerful drama then Pick Your Best shortlists a higher quality large TV with some of the best tech available. You will really appreciate the amazing images some of the new large TV screens can deliver.

Naturally, the higher level of picture quality comes with higher price tags because these TV screens include advanced technologies to deliver those richer images, and those technologies cost more – it’s as simple as that.

It’s unfortunate that advances in technology to improve picture quality while making screens slimmer hasn’t been so kind to sound quality. With less space for speakers, it’s more difficult to produce great sound. So, if sound is an important part of the movie experience to you then consider buying extra speakers to go with your new TV.