How to choose a TV
that is an entertainment hub

Top three things to consider

  1. Check there are connections for all your devices
  2. Games are more immersive on larger screens
  3. Advanced screen technologies keep pace with the action
Pick Your Best television

It’s not unusual for a TV today to be used for almost anything but watching broadcast TV. If you have a games console or an internet streaming service it’s entirely possible you won’t be interested in scheduled TV programmes at all. Some people also use a TV as an extra screen for their laptop or tablet.

Whether you are a gamer or you just want catch-up TV you need to make sure your TV can connect to all the services and devices you want to use.

Most devices - like games consoles, streaming devices, disc players, satellite and cable boxes - connect to your TV with an HDMI cable. Pick Your Best shortlists entertainment TVs with at least 4 HDMI sockets so you have enough for everything to plugin. Whilst you could get away with less it can be annoying having to regularly plug and unplug cables - particularly worth noting if you wall mount your TV as it can be tricky to access the sockets at the back.

We have focused on TVs that are more likely to be used in a second room or you sit quite close to for playing games on. When you use our Product Chooser to get your best matches for an entertainment hub, the TVs will be large but not bigger than 55”. You can use the image quality slider in step 2 if you are looking for a higher quality picture.