How to choose a TV
that’s great for sporting action

Top three things to consider

  1. Advanced screen technologies keep pace with the action
  2. Paying extra for a quality screen gives a richer picture
  3. Sports TV channels may need to be paid for
Pick Your Best television

Many of today’s big sporting events are being filmed on higher quality cameras and with the right TV you will see the benefits of this. Pick Your Best shortlists a higher quality screen if you want to a smooth view of the fastest action shots (these will have more pixels – the dots that make up the picture - packed into every inch than your older TV).

Some TVs have technology that can keep pace with fast movement better by reducing the amount of blur you see.

Another technology that several good TVs now include ensures there is a greater difference between dark and light areas (for example blacks are actually black and not just dark grey), making the picture sharper, and brighter.

When selecting TVs that are great for sporting action our Product Chooser identifies TVs that have the right combination of these technologies to deliver the best experience for watching sport.

Of course, you will need ensure your sport channels and subscription service can deliver the sports you want to watch in super high quality. Many people receive these through a separate set-top box. Its best to check how many other devices you will be plugging in before you buy – it doesn’t take long to run out if you have games consoles, TV sticks, disc and media players connected. Also check you can get a fast internet connection to your TV – a wired connection is better – to give you the best quality from streamed services.