How we protect your privacy


Why do you collect information about me?

We use your personal information to make PiiiCK a better service for you and everyone. This includes things like:

  • To provide personalised services unique to you.
  • To help us to monitor and improve the services we offer.
  • To provide opportunities to manufacturers and retailers to offer you products (but only if they match whatyou need).
  • If we have your permission, or where otherwise allowed by law, to keep you up to date with changes to thePiiiCK service, or to recommend things that we think will complement the products we have matched you with.


Do you share my information with other organisations?

We use your information to improve your experience. We generally only share your information in a form that does not directly identify you. On the occasions where we may share your information it will only be done with the relevant protection (stated under UK law) being in place. This may include:

  • Manufacturers or retailers whose products and services are listed on our sites to help them provide relevant products and offers.
  • Our service providers to help us run our business and perform services you request.
  • If you have a PiiiCK account we might use information that we hold about you to show you relevant and "targeted advertising" through other companies' sites, like Facebook, Google, Snapchat or Twitter. We don’t provide these sites with any new data on you or your friends. If you don't want to see our targeted advertising, you can set ad preferences in your social media companies' settings.
  • In exceptional circumstances, we might share your information without your permission if we reasonably believe you might be breaking the law and such disclosure is allowed under the relevant laws, including data protection law.


How long will you keep my information?

If we don’t say when we ask you for your information we only hold your information for as long as we do the activities we told you about. We consider what type of information it is, the amount we’ve collected, how sensitive it might be and any legal requirements. We always think about the potential risk from anyone using or sharing this information without permission. We may close your account if you haven’t used it in the last year. We’ll send you an email to tell you that we plan to do this before we delete anything.


How do I access or change my information?

You can sign-in at and make changes to your communication preferences. If you feel this is not enough please get in touch at and we'll consider your request.


How do you collect information about me?

You provide some information yourself – by using the PiiiCK tracker service you provide us with your email address. We collect some information automatically such as your IP address, which browser and device you’re using, and your unique identifier and we can tell what webpage directed you to PiiiCK. If you’re signed in we’ll also know how you use PiiiCK, which answers you provided and the products you were matched with.


Is my information secure?

We do our very best to protect your privacy by using security technology appropriately. We make sure that when we ask another organisation to provide a service for us, they have appropriate security measures. If we or our service providers transfer any information out of the European Economic Area (EEA), it will only be done with the relevant protection (stated under UK law) being in place.

At the same time, no service can be completely secure - if you have any concerns when using PiiiCK or any personal information has been put at risk, for example if someone has found out your password, please get in touch straight away.