How Pick Your Best works
for you

After our co-founder Kate spent hours shopping for a vacuum online, and finding the whole experience very frustrating, she came up with an idea to simplify shopping…and Pick Your Best was born.

So, what is it and how does it work?

Put simply, Pick Your Best helps you choose the best home technology products for you. At the moment, you might be looking at lots of different online shops, reading articles and checking reviews which all takes a lot of time.

Using filters to try and whittle down the selection online can still leave you facing a huge amount of choice! Offers presented to you are often due to the store being overstocked and may not be what actually suits you.

Pick Your Best works in a far more intelligent way than a standard filtered search to help you get straight to the best product that meets your needs quickly. This means fewer decisions and less effort for you. We are also independent and only recommend products that genuinely match your needs.

Pick Your Best works by asking you three questions, it then trawls through all the latest products and compares them to give you the best products based on your lifestyle, a bit like an advanced comparison engine. Alongside your results you also get a product guide and the most trusted reviews from the web.

We want to save you time endlessly researching technical features – life is just too short for that! In less than one minute our Product Chooser shortlists the three products that best meet your needs.

Take a minute and give it a go now!

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